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These are links I think can be helpful for kids who want to search their family tree. I you know of any links I don't have, please email me so I can check them out and add them. Please make sure the web sites are child safe & kid friendly.


Cyndi's List

Genealogy Today - Junior Edition

My History - Kids Corner

US Gen Web Kidz

World Gen Web For Kids

Gen Exchange

Kids Corner

Kids Word Search

Digging Roots

Native American Immigration

Map Of Pearl Harbor

Historical Maps

US Gen Web State Links & County Pages

Find A Grave

Family Search

Ancestral Findings

Birthdate Calander

Online Searchable Military Database

Online Searchable Death Indexes

Land Records Explained

United States Facts

U.S. House of Representatives Educational Resources

Immigration & Naturalization History, Genealogy & Education

World Roots (Cool Site!)

Disney Family Tree Charts