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Terms Of Service

We at Inland Valley Marketing are dedicated to providing the best family history research service for our clients. We have established the below terms and conditions so that our clients and prospective clients are fully informed of the scope of our service.

Before enlisting the services of Inland Valley Marketing please review the following terms and conditions which define your rights and benefits as a client of Inland Valley Marketing. All Content produced by our Services is copyrighted by Inland Valley Marketing, its agents, or third party providers and may be used only in accordance with this limited use license.

Limited Use

You are licensed to use the Content we produce only for personal or professional family history research. You may use, or download Content only if it is relevant to that research and only if Inland Valley Marketing is listed as the source of that Content. The reproduction of whole or significant portions of any work produced by Inland Valley Marketing is prohibited without the express written consent of Inland Valley Marketing.

Inland Valley Marketing holds no claim to copyrights for the copies of original records and other photocopied documents taken from books or abstracts. Therefore, you can copy these materials in accordance with the current copyright laws, if applicable. However, any genealogical report that is sent to you is copyright material. It cannot be reproduced in its entirety on web pages, electronic media, or in family newsletters without permission from Inland Valley Marketing. Small portions of the genealogical report may be quoted, if properly credited to the genealogist and to Inland Valley Marketing, in any text document that a client might create.


1. Potential clients must be 18 years or older to order our services.

2. You are requested to provide a complete research request to Inland Valley Marketing. A complete research request will include the family or individual to be studied and any previous research that has been conducted. We need to know the goal of your research. We also need to have received the appropriate research retainer in our office before we begin.

3. Consultations include a brief written report with suggestions for future research options.

4. Basic searches include a listing of the records examined, a copy of the document(s), if found and a brief research report.

5. Family searches include a listing of records examined and a report which will include a report with suggestions for future research. Family group sheets, pedigree charts and maps may be included with these projects, as needed or requested for illustration purposes.

6. Other services, meaning weekly one on one consultation is only done by electronic mail (i.e. email) and/or instant messenger. This service is only meant as an ongoing consultation service. The professional genealogist does not do any research for the client.

7. All initial contact for requesting research will be made via electronic mail.

Payments & Fees

A prepayment retainer is required. This retainer is non-refundable. All final fees will be deducted from your retainer deposit. Hourly expenses include review of previous research, correspondence (e-mail, phone, postal mail), research, analysis and report writing time.

Unless otherwise noted, photocopy costs, postage and handling, long distance phone calls, certificate fees, correspondence costs and other miscellaneous expenses will be billed to you. These may include, but are not limited to, on-site third party research services and certificate fees.

Because of the variables involved in the research process it is not possible for a professional genealogist to guarantee any specific results with a given request (i.e. the number of individuals that can be added to your family tree). There are many circumstances that can limit the success of research including: time allotted for completion, common occurrence of the surname, time period to be studied, status of records availability, and geographic region.

Terms of service and fees may be changed at any time. This will take effect only with new searches after which time the revised terms or fees go into effect. A change in terms or fees will not apply to current research being performed, unless our services are renewed by a client.


Because Individuals are unique, it is impossible for a professional genealogist to guarantee that a certain sum of money will provide their client with a given number of new ancestors or relatives. Professional genealogists cannot guarantee research results for the simple reason that it is never known exactly what historical records will contain, regarding a client's family, until the records are examined. Inland Valley Marketing and its third party suppliers strive for excellence and accuracy. We guarantee that we will use our combined best efforts and experience to provide you with help researching your family history. If the family to be searched is out of our specialized area, we will let you know and suggest alternatives.

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