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These are a few old letters I have from my ancestors in days pasy. I love reading old letters even if they don't belong to my family, simply because they give you a real sence of what life was like when the letters were written.
This first letter is dated June 2, 1888
Dear Uncle & Aunt Louisa,
I will write a few words to break to you the sad news of Mother's death. Which occured yesterday morning 3 o'clock & was buried today. We was going to keep her until tomorrow but could not, we were going to telegraph to you folks but thouhgt you could not get here. It was hard to give her up but it is it must have been his will to take her from us, She was bothered so much with pain in her head.
Good Bye as this leaves all well at presant & hope you are all the same.
                Write Soon from
                  Albert P Eis