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Do you need someone to look up your ancestors on a census? I  have limited census images at this time. This is due to the fact that I purchase my own census and am always adding to the collection. So it will be updated as time permits and as I have new census avaiable.
When asking for a lookup, please include as much information as you can. Sometimes you will find family living next door to each other or within a block or two of each other.
The information to include would be:
 ~ Head of Household
~ Wife
~ Children
~ Relatives Who May Have Been Living Together
~ County
~ Township
You might not know all of these answers, but please let me know if you are not sure of the County or Township. This would of course only apply where I have a whole state to look through.
At this time, I do charge a small lookup fee. Most pages are good enough to make copies if you would like them. Copies are not always available and I will let you know if they are or are not able to be copied where you could read them. In some cases the pages are very dark and hard to make out.
Lookups ~ $5.00
Copies ~ $ .50
To request a lookup, please click on the "PAYPAL PAYMENT" button above, this will take you to a payment page. Make sure to include a valid email address where I can contact you.  I do pay mailing expences for copies(within the United States), so there are no other hidden costs.
Maryland State Census
Freemont County Iowa
Boone County Iowa
Iowa County Iowa
Jasper County Iowa
Scott County Iowa
Muscatine County Iowa
Muscatine County Iowa
Please feel free to email me with any question you may have.
NOTE: There is never a guarentee of finding specific people on a census lookup. The fee is not refundable as this is for my researching time. If you request copies of census pages, the total for those copies will be a seperate purchase. Please do not include more than ONE name/household per request.