King Stephen Elnathan Mead
Mary Mead's father.
Full Name: Elizabeth Mead
Maiden Name: Widow
Color: Red
Sex: Female
Race: Indian
Occupation of Deceased: None
Age: 60 yrs.
Name of Father: -
Birthplace of Father: -
Name of Mother: -
Birthplace of Mother: -
Birthplace of Deceased: -
Name of Wife of Deceased: -
Name of Husband of Deceased: -
Date of Birth of Deceased: -
Condition (single, married, widowed): Widowed
Date of Death: Jan 1st, 1899
Residence at time of Death: Rice Lake, Wisc.
Cause of Death: Primary: Erysipelas in whole left arm
                    Secondary: General Blood Poison
Place of Death: Barron, Wisc.
Duration of Disease: Fourteen Days
Soldier/Sailor: No
Place of Burial: Rice Lake Wisc.
Name of Undertaker: C.E. Holtz
Date of Certificate: Jan 2, 1899, Transportation Permit to    
                           City of Rice Lake, Wisc.
No. Burial Permit: 34
Date of Burial Permit: -
Other Important Facts Not Related: The deceased was an American Indian and the answers of the questions from 7-15 were not known. signed: C Post - Physician